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About Rutler :


George Rutler :

Rutler Screen Printing was founded in 1954 in George’s garage.  The business began by printing signs, decals and bumper stickers.  It quickly out grew George’s garage and the business moved

to a 5,000 square foot facility on Belview Road in Phillipsburg NJ.  Quality work and timeliness propelled George to doing sign work for notable artists such as Clarence Carter as well as major corporations such as Blockbuster Video.  He soon found that he couldn’t keep up and started looking for a partner.


John Shubert :

John owned a small engraving and screen printing company in Irvington NJ starting in 1974. Living in Phillipsburg and commuting to Irvington soon took it’s toll and his wife introduced him to her boss, George.  In 1976 the 2 companies merged forming the first official corporation.  John and George spent the next 10 years as partners printing all the things that George had began with but also started to expand into garment printing.  Things really exploded in the 80’s with apparel. Back in the days of concert tees, John and George were known to print for major label artists on tour.  George retired in 1986 and John ran solo for the next 8 years until his son Allen decided to join the company.


Allen Shubert :

In 1994 Allen joined the company right out of high school.  Trained in the heat of battle and the school of hard knocks, learned the essentials of customer satisfaction from his father.  Their motto was “never disappoint and always amaze.”  Allen started in the art department using the ancient technology of the day then moved out into the production floor and learned the ins and out of the business.  In 2000, Rutler decided to cease the sign printing and focus solely on apparel.  Over 20 years, Allen learned from his father and took his principles to heart.  Slowly as the years passed he began to take over daily operation of the business.  No one is really sure when management truly changed over, however, they worked fantastically as a team until 2012 when John decided it was finally time to take some much needed rest and retired.

The Future of

Rutler Screen Printing:

2013 – Added an integrated accounting system to offer unparalleled customer service and order management

2014 – Added 8 embroidery heads and began offering embroidery for the first time

2015 – Moved from the original 5000 sq ft facility in New Jersey to an 18,000 sq ft building in Easton PA

2016 – Added 8 embroidery heads to keep up with demand (16 total), invested in a more robust prepress department for print

2017 – Added 2 additional automatic screen printing presses bringing us to 7, added 16 embroidery heads (32 total)

2018 – Upgraded some older print equipment, added 38 embroidery heads (70 total)

2019 – World Domination (or a step closer anyway)

2020 – Even a global pandemic couldn't keep us down for long! #DrowningInMasks

2021 – Tune in next year to find out!

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